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Breaking the Limit: One Woman’s Motorcycle Journey Through North America

Breaking the Limit: One Woman's Motorcycle Journey Through North America
Breaking the Limit is one woman’s account of riding her motorcycle from New Jersey to Alaska and back. Realizing that years of work and travel in other people’s countries made her a stranger in her own, and with an invitation to meet her biological father for the first time, Karen Larsen set out on a fifteen-thousand-mile trip with nothing but her motorcycle and the barest of essentials.

Larsen’s journey tests the limits of her own endurance, challenges her long-held beliefs and values, a


Pacific Northwest : Oregon, Washington, and Alaska (National Geographic’s Driving Guides to America)

Pacific Northwest : Oregon, Washington, and Alaska (National Geographic's Driving Guides to America)
Discover the region’s best Driving Tours with National Geographic as your guide. Features the region’s best routes and attractions, including: * Towns and cities, historical and cultural sites, natural areas, plus many surprises
* Entertaining, insightful commentary
* Useful travel tips
* More than 120 original, color photographs
* Detailed maps for each drive keyed to descriptions in text
* Directions, mileages, and visitor information.


Alaska (America Series)

Alaska (America Series)
Alaska — the name rings with adventure. This is the land where people have battled the harsh climate for thousands of years, where prospectors chased dreams of fortune and fame, and where elite hikers and climbers flock every year. About the America series: As expansive as America itself, this outstanding series captures outstanding views of panoramic landscapes, brilliant city skylines, and picturesque communities. Each volume focuses on a city or state and features 96 pages and 70 stunning